What Can be Treated by Laser Therapy?

Acute Conditions:


  • Wounds


  • Allergies


  • Infections


  • Cuts/Bites


  • Inflammatiosn


  • Tooth Extraction Pain Relief


  • Sprains, Strains and Fractures


  • Post Surgical Healing and Pain Relief


Chronic Conditions:


  • Degenerative Joint Disease


  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease


  • Periodontal Disease


  • Lick Granulomas


  • Hip Dysplasia


  • Feline Acne


  • Tendonitis


  • Arthritis


  • Otitis (inflammation of the ear)

Laser Therapy is a surgery free, drug free, non invasive treatment that:


  • Reduces Pain
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Speeds Up Healing


At Kernow Paws we have a Class IV Deep Tissue Laser.

This uses a beam of laser light to deeply penetrate tissue without damaging it.


Laser therapy has been scientifically proven to be successful in treating many acute and chronic conditions.


The laser therapy is delivered through a handpiece so it only treats the affected area.


The laser energy induces a biological response in the cells which is called photo-bio-modulation (please see the below video). This reaction leads to reduced pain, reduced inflammation and increased healing speed, it also stimulates nerve regeneration and cells involved in tissue repair.

What is Laser Therapy ?



What to Expect at Your First Appointment?

Before you attend for your initial appointment I will ask you to get your vet to fill out one of our veterinary consent forms (in accordance with the Veterinary Surgery (exemptions) Order 1962).This ensures that I am aware of any significant conditions your dog may have and if there are any conditions that may prohibit treatment.


Then on your initial appointment I will go through this form with you to ensure the information is correct as far as you are aware and obtain your consent to treatment. I will ask some basic questions about your dogs regular routines so I can gauge their activity levels and environment.


Then I will conduct an initial assessment of your dogs gait ( walking pattern), this will involve me observing your dog moving as directed.


Next I will conduct a nose to tail examination to assess which areas need to recieve laser treatment. I may also perform some stretches as part of the treatment .


The laser treatment works on a cumulative affect and so it is advised that I carry out 6 treatments over 3 weeks to achieve the best results. Once these are complete your dog will be re assessed and I will recommend if any further treatments are indicated.


This initial session will take approximately 60 - 90 minutes..



Initial Appointment £30


Follow Up Sessions £25

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